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About Us

JCF Capital Markets is a combination management consulting and capital advisory firm with an international network of institutional investors including angel capital funds, family offices, venture capital and private equity firms and funds. Our investor reach extends to over 900 angel capital groups 1,500 family offices and over 4,300 venture capital private equity and hedge firm and funds Other investors and financing sources include public and private pensions, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, and other working capital solutions.


Our advisory services and investor network enables our clients to optimize the likelihood of funding a particular transaction or series of transactions as debt or equity and secure the most appropriate source of capital at reasonable terms.

Our advisory services can be hands on and results driven to support the funding and capital initiatives of each entrepreneur and venture Each client is given the utmost attention, and when engaged, our capital markets expertise is coupled with our extensive network of international institutional investors.

In today's uncertain global economy and capital markets, flexible deal structures and the ability to reach out to multiple sources of institutional capital will be needed to get deals done and ventures funded. The continued uncertainty and fear of the lack of liquidity in the markets has completely changed the investment climate.


Entrepreneurs must be experienced, knowledgeable, and able to reach out quickly to various sources of institutional capital to capitalize and continue to grow or provide liquidity to new and emerging lower to middle market ventures.

Working with a highly experienced firm and principal advisor with an international institutional investor network can help navigate through difficult times and complex transactions.

Justin C. Floyd 

Managing Director
JCF Capital Markets, LLC
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