Our Services

As a Trusted Ally and Deep Advisory Resource, JCF Exceeds Client Expectations

Recognizing that every client, company, and transaction is unique and different, JCF is dedicated to earning a client's trust each and every day. We believe in thoughtful and continuous attention to detail because achieving great outcomes and results requires consistent effort. We want each client to see us as a deep resource of knowledge, financial expertise, and capital resources that can help meet the challenges of business growth and transition-whether a new or emerging business in the formative stage of development, a middle-market company evolving into a new model or line of business, or a fast-paced success story dynamically expanding or looking to exit.

Our advisory services focus on new or emerging middle market ventures and offer a variety of capital advisory, management consulting, and mergers and acquisition services geared to meet the needs of those businesses. A fundamental belief at JCF is that in business there is a vast difference between a good idea and a viable one. Sustainable businesses are based on identifiable demand, competitive differentiation, strategy, and those unique attributes about an organization that create enabling momentum and long-term growth.

Our services include:

Capital Advisory Services

Primarily for early stage and middle market ventures looking to raise debt or equity capital related to individual transactions, a series of transactions, a Fund, or investment vehicle, our capital advisory services span the spectrum of finance yet focus on new or emerging ventures looking for their first or second round of capital to middle-market and later-stage companies seeking additional institutional financing rounds from venture capital, or private equity firms and funds.

Our international network of accredited investors look to fund a variety of projects in a variety of industries trusting in our ability to advise on a particular transaction or offering structure and match those that are tailored to meet their investment objectives as well those that are in line with the interests of entrepreneurs, company owners, and principals.

A typical engagement includes JCF representation as a limited scope Director, CFO, or VP of Finance to the entity or venture client looking to raise capital including the development of a targeted campaign:

  1. JCF Review or Refinement of Financing Proposal: JCF reviews or advises to refine existing executive summary, presentation, business plan, private placement, operating agreement or articles of incorporation, and other diligence documentation to determine the feasibility of funding based on materials and transaction as presented.
  2. Accredited Investor Identification: Once diligence has been completed and final structure or offering documentation has been finalized and approved by client, JCF researches and identifies the most appropriate angel investors, venture capital, and private equity firms or funds or other resources within our proprietary accredited investor database whose investment criteria aligns with the business model, transaction structure, and capital financing request presented by client. JCF then ranks and prioritizes this target list of accredited investors to review with client and management.
  3. Accredited Investor Targeting: JCF advises to develop a comprehensive or targeted accredited investor list for each campaign detailing each investor, angel group, venture firm, and other capital resource JCF has identified. JCF advises client and management to discuss the financing request in confidence with each investor target to generate Indications of Interest.
  4. Closing Support: Upon receipt by client of Indications of Interest, JCF continues to provide advisory support related to any negotiations and closing support in an effort to assist and advise client and management in efforts to close on transactions as needed.
Management Consulting Services

Transaction Structuring & Investment Packaging:

Consulting services are more hands-on and serve the need or requirement of providing any particular deliverable or transaction advice related to general business development, capital markets, and more (i.e., larger capital raise transactions and formation of new Funds).

For entrepreneurs and companies that have a great idea, patent, or business opportunity yet require hands-on research, preparation, and transaction advisory services to shore-up weakness in a business model or fully package a deal, investment offering, or create a new Fund, JCF is well suited to provide all the necessary support and investment packaging documentation many investors require prior to soliciting or submitting for consideration, for due diligence, or to mitigate risk relating to securities laws when raising capital from investors. Over the years, JCF has developed professional templates and formats for each deliverable that captures investor attention and interest.

  • Executive Summary (preparation and review)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (preparation and review)
  • Financial Modeling & Projections (preparation and review)
  • Business Plan (preparation and review)
  • Private Placement, PPM, or Offering (preparation and review)
  • Entity Selection and Structuring (LLC, Inc, or LP)


  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis or Valuation
  • Break-Even, IRR, or Portfolio Analysis
  • Due Diligence, Tax, Accounting, or Other Financial Issues
  • Review of Term Sheets, Investment Agreements, etc.
Mergers & Acquisition Services

Our mergers and acquisition services serve the needs of private equity funds, strategic buyers, or a particular entrepreneur or business owner or owners that are looking to buy or sell an established business or enterprise or assets thereof ( i.e., "buy-side" and "sell-side" representation).

M&A service engagement may include the following:

Buy-Side Representation:

  • Identification of Target Acquisitions
  • Term Sheet Review & Structuring (Valuation & Pricing)
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement Review & Structuring
  • Financial Due Diligence (Tax and Financial Reporting)
  • Private Placement, PPM, or Offering (preparation and review)
  • Post-Closing Integration Planning (Tax, Financial, & Legal)

Sell-Side Representation:

  • Due Diligence Investor/Buyer Packaging
  • Transaction & Deal Structuring
  • Valuation & Pricing
  • Identification of Buyers (w/negotiation and closing support)